We help you focus on what actually matters

Innovation & Growth

Build your ideal team of developers, engineers,
designers, admins and consultants

Save an average of over 70%

compared to hiring locally

There is ‘Staff’
and then there is ‘WireStaff’

It isn’t outsourcing.
It’s having your own dedicated team.

From Start-ups to SMEs, extending all the way to Corporations.

In a nutshell, we provide full-time talent from Sri Lanka – the IT industry’s hidden treasure trove of passionate and talented Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Designers and Consultants.

We can provide scalable teams. It can be a single developer, or a team of Frontend, Backend, Mobile Devs, DevOps, Designers, UI/UX engineers, QA engineers and many more skill-sets.

It is simple, we handle the chores of running the back-office leaving you free to focus on what actually matters – innovation, development and growth.

Did you know?

A significant number of startups and SME’s already practice remote working, despite the team being located in the same country.

New to working with a remote team?

You will be surprised to find just how seamless it feels when working
with your remote team.

Talk to one of our team managers to learn about our tools and
processes that are in place to ensure that you get the most productivity
out of your team.

See how Wirestaff’s cloud-staffing solution compares against hiring locally and freelancing.

‘Dedicated office space’, ‘Ethical monitoring of work’, ‘Direct communication with your employee’, ‘Confidentiality and Data Security’, ‘Scalability’ and ‘Expert Consultancy’. All at a significantly lower cost to you.

“A new designer was just what we needed to handle our workload. Pradz is a great designer and he really came through. Quick and always responsive!”

N. Wilson

Art Director

“The guys were awesome! The team managed to take our product from concept to MVP and beyond!”

Amila Prabhandika

Chief Technology Officer, VoiceIQ

Our mission is to make remote working easily-accessible to everyone.

We are committed to research and develop innovative products and solutions to make remote working all the more engaging, productive and cost-effective.


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