Hire dedicated offshore staff across a variety of domains and industries.

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Our mission is to make working with remote employees accessible to everyone.


In a nutshell, we provide quality talent from Sri Lanka – a treasure trove of passionate and talented Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Designers, and Accountants.


Project basis, full-time or part-time – Whatever your requirement may be, we are committed to providing the right staff to our clients.

Software Engineers

Hire from Software developers, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, and more!

App Developers

Make your ideas a reality and develop your mobile apps. Use new languages and frameworks including React Native and more!

Web Developers

From brand new websites to improving existing websites, or even building complex web platforms, hire the right developer and see the positive impact a great website can bring.

Graphics Designers

From leaflet designs to full-on branding. Hire graphics designers to art directors at significant savings.

Finance & Accounts

From bookkeeping to managing your accounts. Hire qualified professionals for the task. We can also provide you will our accounting toolset to help you stay on-top of things

Data Entry

Benefit from significant savings by outsourcing data entry work.

Digital Marketing

Develop an online presence. Use online marketing strategies via websites, social media, email campaigns, SEO and online-ads to drive up sales and new customers.

Content Writers

Our content writers learn your industry, study your customers, and write engaging content to ensure customer engagement and lead generation.

Support Staff

Phone support or text support, hire candidates who can quickly learn your industry, and provide prompt support to your customers. 

Why outsource?

The top 6 reasons why our clients chose to outsource and employ remote teams.

Deshan – Awseome Software Architect! and pro-level gamer.

  Significant Cost Savings

Our clients typically save between 65% – 75% when compared to hiring locally. We are also a cheaper alternative than hiring freelancers from services such as Fiver and People per hour. These savings mean that our clients can focus their resources on growing their business

 Less Bureaucratic Headache

Avoid having to deal with Payroll taxes, NI contributions, Pensions, Insurance, and Healthcare. We take care of the employees and handle all the back-office pressure in compliance with local regulations. This means that the employees are happy and our clients are free to focus on what really matters – growth and innovation.

 Scalability

Scale from a single developer to a team of devs, marketers, and customer support assistants. You have the flexibility to scale up or down quickly to suit your business requirements.

 Bigger and Better Talent Pool

When hiring locally, your choice of candidates is limited to traveling distance. This often means having to pay a premium for talent, or simply not being able to secure the right person for the job. With Wirestaff, you gain exposure to a vast number of talented individuals with great Sri Lankan work ethic. Our clients are always surprised to find out just how committed their employees are.

 Tools, Support, and Infrastructure.

Your office: Your team will work from our state-of-the-art building in Colombo. You will have your own dedicated office space filled with your branding. Included is high speed fibre (100mb/s), ergonomic desks and chairs, meeting rooms and café.

Account manager: Your dedicated account manager is always at hand to answer your queries and supervise your employees.

Tools: If you require, we can provide you our in-house solutions for project /task management, file share and effective collaboration.

New to working with a remote team?

See how we work.


1. Tell us your requirements

Contact us via phone, web messaging, or email. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will discuss your requirement and maybe even make recommendations.

2. We arrange the ideal candidates.

You can read their resumes and interview the candidates. We can even provide assistance in designing tests to check the competency of the candidate for your required industry.

 3. On-boarding and working.

You will work directly with your new employee. However, we will help you set up an effective on-boarding scheme to ensure you feel at home.

4. Back-office management

We will manage the back office including employee salaries, taxes, data protection, and equipment. If you choose we provide software tools for effective project management and employee management for free.

We work with IndividualsStart-ups, SMEs, extending all the way to Corporations.

You will be surprised to find just how seamless it feels when working with your remote team. Talk to one of our team managers to learn about our tools and processes that are in place to ensure that you get the most productivity out of your team.

See how Wirestaff’s cloud-staffing solution compares against hiring locally and freelancing.

‘Dedicated office space’, ‘Ethical monitoring of work’, ‘Direct communication with your employee’, ‘Confidentiality and Data Security’, ‘Scalability’ and ‘Expert Consultancy’. All at a significantly lower cost to you.


“A new designer was just what we needed to handle our workload. Pradz is a great designer and he really came through. Quick and always responsive!”

N. Wilson

Art Director, KandianPRO

“The guys were awesome! The team managed to take our product from concept to MVP and beyond!”

Amila Prabhandika

Chief Technology Officer, VoiceIQ

Our mission is to make remote working easily-accessible to everyone.

We are committed to research and develop innovative products and solutions to make remote working all the more engaging, productive and cost-effective.


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